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Bengal cat Hermes

Our first Bengal cat came into our lifes about 9 years ago. The Bengal Cat is a cat that has the appearance of a small leopard. Active, athletic, extremely curious and mysterious. Its appearance refers to wild feline, yet it has a very noble personality. She does not prefer hugs or picking up so much, but that, does not stop her, from finding enough time during the day to sit, next to her owner looking for cuddles.


The Bengal cat is recognized in 2 "patterns".


-Spotted: which has random or horizontal aligned rosettes. There should be a strong contrast of the color between the rosettes and the base. These rosettes are unique to the Bengal Cat (unique when talking about domestic cats, many of the wild "cousins" have rosettes). Rosette, essentially, is a point made up of a darker contour with a lighter tint inside, but the interior color tends to darken compared to the base.


And the

-Marbled: in which the "pattern" has a random structure that often resembles long strips. A preferred structure is the horizontal flow of shapes. The Bengal ribbons are a unique shape that resembles horizontal aligned swirls. It is not characteristic of other domesticated breeds. Drawings should consist of at least three colors - base color, contour color and center color.

Acceptable colors to date are:

-brown (black)
-seal sepia / seal mink marbled
-brown (black) spotted
-seal sepia / seal mink spotted
-snow spotted



Due to its mysterious and special appearance, it is one of the most widespread breeds in the world. It is also quite healthy as a breed and has an incredible temperament. They are comfortable with children and other pets, they are adventurous, they love water and they are absolutely faithful to their owner.


In no case it is considered the "cat of the couch", so it is not ideal for owners who do not intend to spend a few hours of the day to play with them helping them to decompress their amount of energy.

Their coat is silky, which differentiates it from any other domestic cat. The weight of an adult male ranges from 6 to 9 kilos and the weight of an adult female from 3.5 to 5 kilos.


The tests to which such a cat should be subjected are:




It is a short-haired breed and so the requirements for grooming are minimal. Its average life is from 12 to 15 years depending on the general living conditions of the cat.


The Bengal cat is a wonderful little leopard for really demanding owners.

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