International & World Cat Shows

Cat shows are an important part of quality and moral breeding. The ultimate goal of a breeding program is the evolution of each breed and this is clearly achieved through our participation in cat exhibitions. We say this, because we perceive the "plus" and "minus" in the morphology of our cats & kittens and so we can choose the appropriate breeders, in order to help our breed climb another stair through appropriate combinations of bloodlines and selective breeding.


The primary goal of our participation in such exhibitions should not necessarily be qualification, but knowledge. Knowing how we can offer to the breed we love so much, how our breed will get better, how we will improve its image and health. Of course, an award or prize achievement is something very encouraging and undoubtedly always makes us proud, it just should not be the only goal.


Another feeling we receive from the cat shows, is the satisfaction we feel when we meet friends from our country and abroad, as well as our acquaintance with young people (individuals and / or breeders) who happens to share, the same passion with us.

It's worth saying that the ca shows are not beauty contests. It is an intermediary station, to improve the quality of our breeding, while it is also a place where many kcat lovers can visit us in order to talk with us and solve any questions they have, about the breed they are interested in.


For the aforementioned, and for many other reasons, we have chosen to participate in morphology exhibitions in Greece and abroad. We are incredibly proud of the achievements our cats have managed to make, over the years. We also feel incredibly happy about the knowledge we have gained on the whole process of breeding and more specifically on ETHIC breeding, and we feel how we offer this "something" above in the breed we love so much.

As time goes by and the acquisition of knowledge comes, we are even working harder for our two wonderful breeds, to represent more and more to the accepted STANDARD of the breeds.


What we definitely enjoy is the fact that breeding is an endless process of continuous learning and cat shows are a mean to that.


We look forward to seeing you to the next Cat Show.

Until then, you can also admire us here ...

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