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Welcome to our cattery's official website!


Our cattery is located in Athens and was officially established on January 1, 2013. Our cattery is registered in Feline Federation of Greece, under the auspices of the International FIFe Cat Federation (breeder number: GR * 48) and the TICA World Cat Association (breeder number: 26720) and fully complies with their regulations. We deal with the selective breeding of Bengal and Burmese cats.


We are the first cattery in our country to have won the WORLD WINNER title at the FIFe World Cat Show, which took place in the Netherlands in October 2017. Among nearly 2000 cats from 36 countries worldwide, the Burmese cat with the name Satanka, managed to stand out and made us proud once again!


You can see our various certifications here. The constant evolution of our knowledge of the cat is incredibly key to us and we invest a lot in our personal development. That's why we often attend seminars that help us dig in even more into what we love so much.

Our cattery was named Silky Sense, meaning Silky Sensation, because both breeds have soft hair as silk, so we thought it was absolutely representative!

Breeding for us is not just love, it's passion. A dream came true. We participate fairly often in cat shows in Greece and abroad and our kittens have received several awards. Our cats live with us, naturally free and exclusively in our home, as well as in the specially areas we provide them. They have plenty of play areas, fed high-quality food, and are all genetically normal tested, as well as annual blood tests and ultrasounds.

As breeders we have an obligation towards the cats we breed, to secure them with whatever we can, in order to live happily.


All of our cats are necessarily undergoing haematological, biochemical and genetic tests, as well as heart ultrasounds, as good health is of primary importance to us.


What is our conscious choice and, by extension, the beginning of our cattery, is that we do not give our kittens for breeding, except for officially registered breeders-people we trust 100%, and who will therefore - have our babies just like us , as equal members of their family.

Choosing the right family is of prime importance to us because our baby's welfare is our top priority. There are many times when we have refused to give one of our kittens to an interested person, because he very simply does not meet the conditions for his adoption in accordance to our own principles and values.


Each kitten is accompanied by an adoption contract signed by the future owner, whether it is a breeder or a private individual, and some of which, ensures the future health of the kitten, its good living conditions, its annual veterinary check, etc. In the event of a contract break, we ALWAYS retain the right to reintegrate the cat into our family without any claim from & to the previous family.


Finally, let's say that we are next to our kittens 24/7, whatever happens, whenever it occurs.


!!! Beyond breeding, we contribute as much as we can to the stray / orphaned cat and dog population that so much needs us. We undertake sterilizations, treat, vaccinate and find appropriate families for every orphaned kitten or puppy we have rescued. Everyone has to help as much as he can, because the state's funds do not go even to a minimum to help with the big problem facing our country with stray animals.

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