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When the time comes for a cat/kitten to leave our home, she/he is always accompanied by the following certificates:


·         Passport

·         Microchip

·         Health guarantee

·         Appropriate vaccinations for the age of the kitten

·         Examined by a vet before going to their new home

·         Tested for parasites (internal/external before leaving for their new homes)

·         Raised on High Quality Kitten food, chicken, fish and vitamin supplements

·         Litter box and scratching post trained

·         Parents with HCM screenings by a certified cardiologist

·         FIFe registration papers (pedigree)

·         Cat carrier, water/food bowls and toys

·         Spayed/Neutered (for pet kittens/cats)

Last but not least, we would like to mention that the bond with our cats does not break when our babies leaves for a new home. Choosing the right family was always and still remains the most important thing to us, because the well-being of our babies is our top priority.

In several times, we refused to give our kittens to interested families because quite simply does not meet the conditions of adoption, according to our own principles.

Each adoption is sealed with a contract signed by the future owner and the breeder. Such a contract ensures the wellbeing of the cat, the living conditions, annual checkup, e.t.c.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that we are next to our future cat-parents of our babies 24/7 for whatever problem and whenever that occurs.

Kittens from previous litters

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