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International FIFe Cat Show Hungary 07-08/04/2017

We finally came back home in Greece & we are so so happy and proud to announce our amazing results from our participation in International FIFe Cat Show in Gyor!!!
-GR*Silky Sense Marvel: 2*Ex1, 1*NOM, 1*Best in Variety & 1*Best In Show Junior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our baby Bengal boy made us proud once again!!!❤️
-CH HU*Alba Regia Malacka: 1*CAC, 1*CACIB & our sweetheart she is a CHAMPION now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️
It was the first time for us we didn’t spend the Easter days with our parents, BUT we spent them with our sweet second family Judit Tóth & Pál Laca & we are so extremely happy about that!

My dears thank you for everything once again!!!

It was an amazing show as always with great atmposphere & a lot of good friends around!
We were so happy we saw our old friends & also meet new ones!!! As far as the PINK PARTY on Saturday night, the photos speak by themselves!!! 
Also, Million Thanks to the judges Vladimir IsakovGlenn SjöbomMarina VinkelLinda Knyova & Manuela Centamore
It was an unforgettable weekend and can’t wait for the next one! 

International FIFe Cat Show Athens 17-18/02/2018

After a wonderful weekend It’s time for us to announce our amazing results from International FIFe Cat Show in Athens that took place this weekend! ❤️❤️❤️
-WW’17 GIC HU*Alba Regia Satanka - 2*Ex1 CACS, 2*NOM, 2*BIS, 2*BIC & 2*BOB 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
-GR*Silky Sense Marvel - 2*Ex1, 2*NOM & 2*BIS!!!!!!!!!!!
-PR RU*Dandre&Cats Katyusha - 2*Ex1 CAPIB, 2*NOM & 2*BIS!!!!!!!!!!!
-HU*Alba Regia Malacka - 2*Ex1 CAC & 2*NOM!!!!!!!!!!!
-KZ*Burmorion’s Umi - 2*Ex1 CAC!!!!!!
-RU*Alfacat Drogo - 2*Ex2!!!!!!
My babies made me proud once again and they surely gave me the best birthday present! I am so so so happy! 
Thanks a lot to our puuurfect judges Vladimir IsakovAdrian Alexandru DragotaGlenn SjöbomAnne Paloluoma & Kristiina Rautio & our student judges Ksenia KarpinskaAnna Wijbrands & Riikka Turpeinen! ❤️ 
A big thank to our sponsors who deeply supported this event! 
Also many thanks to our chief steward George Dorgiakis for his help and many thaaaaaaanks to all stewards and all our members as well.!
All the board of FFG we worked really hard for this show and the outcome was amazing! 
Our photographers Elpida Ismael & Kimonas-alexis Kokkinaris did a PUURFECT job too and we truly them from the bottom of our hearts.
Thanks everyone who gave the best for this amazing result!!!

Love you all & hope to see you soon again in our next show! 

FIFe World Cat Show Netherlands 28-29/10/2017

Our happiness is just OVER THE MOON! 
I would really like to thank the Felikat organization for this unforgettable show!!! ❤️ I would like to thank the judges, the stewards, all the show team and our wonderful friends who were the best company for us all this weekend! Satanka is now WORLD WINNER! THE FIRST WORLD WINNER CAT IN GREECE! Our boy made us truuuuuly proud once again!
Yes we did it & we couldn’t be more happy & proud! He also got the BIV!!! Thanks all the people and friends who believed in us. You know who you really are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Judit & Laca love you and thank you for your real friendship & trust! You are our Family and you will always be! 
Our little blue tortie princess HU*Alba Regia Malacka got her 3rd Ex1 and the judge told us so so amazing things about her!!! She is definitely our upcoming Star!!!

Netherlands is one of the most wonderful countries we have ever visited and people there are so happy & kind all the time!!! ❤️Can’t wait to travel again! 
ThAnK yOu AlL - See you all next year in Finland!

International FIFe Cat Show Gyor 07-08/10/2017

We are so so so happy to announce our amazing results from International FIFe Cat Show in Gyor this weekend! 
-HU*Alba Regia Malacka : 2*Ex1, 2*BEST IN SHOW!!! We are so happy and proud for our little star! She is totally ready for the World Show now! <3
This was her first show and she behaved reaaaaally well!!!
Thanks so much our Hungarian Family Judit Tóth & Pál Lacafor this wonderful invitation! The show was amazing and very professional as always! Thanks so much the judges Fabio Brambilla, Irek Pruchniak, Frensly Angel Selassa, Lena Venclikova, Adrian Alexandru Dragota who truly loved our little baby! Thanks a lot all the team for the amazing organization and friendly atmosphere! Tímea & Imre you are amazing dears! Britim Silver Tabby Cattery thanks so much for the wonderful company!!!
Love you all our friends and see you soon!!! <3 <3 <3

30th & 31st International FIFe Cat Show Athens

A beautiful weekend came to an end!!! Our fur babies made us truly truly proud as always! We are happy & proud!
-WW'17 GIC HU*Alba Regia Satanka : 2*Ex1 CAGCIB, 2*Best in Variety, 2*Best in Show, 2*Best in Category, 1*BEST OF BEST 2 & 1*BEST OF BEST 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-PR RU*Dandre&Cats Katyusha : 2*Ex1 CAP, 2*BEST IN SHOW!!! ❤
-CH LT*DottyDakota Benjamin of Silky Sense : Ex1 CAC,  CACIB, 1*Ex1Nomination for Best in Show.!AAAAAAND he is a CHAMPION now! 
-GR*Silky Sense Hermes : 1*Ex1 CAC, 1*Ex2 & NOM BIS!

Thanks so much judges for telling us the BEST words for our sweeties! Thanks so much the wonderful breeders & our friends Judit, Laca, DAndre & Inga for entrusting us their amaaaazing cats.!!!!!!!!
The board of Greek Feline Fedaration : Vasiliki Meintani, Vasilis Sperelakis, Elias Argyropoulos, Giorgos Tziavaras & Me Eva Kapsalis really wish you enjoyed the show and really hope to enjoy our future shows as well! We also thanks a lot our stewards who did a very good job & of course our chief steward dear George Dorgiakis for his valuable help! Special thanks to Vicky Denaxa & Boris Lupan for their amazing help to our secretary! 
Thanks everyone & each one of you for helping us for this wonderful result !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

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